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In 2001, the communities of Genesee County partnered with the Genesee County Drain Commission to coordinate and apply for the required NPDES Phase II permits.  Phase II is an EPA effort to protect, preserve, and improve our water resources.  Phase II not only includes drain permitting but also has an public education component.  When Genesee County communities were faced with meeting this mandate, they expressed their preference for the County to take the lead.  Thus, Genesee County designated the Drain Commissioner’s Office as the agency responsible for engaging in watershed management activities and establishing a system of stormwater management services under Act 342, Public Acts of Michigan, 1939.  Although not all of the communities located within Genesee County are regulated under the NPDES Phase II program, all the communities have signed a contract with the Genesee County Drain Commission.  Genesee County’s public education component of the Phase II program has been branded the Our Water Campaign.  Currently the Genesee County Water Quality Consortium, a collection of municipalities, school districts, county organizations and non-profits, is working to implement the Our Water Campaign.


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