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The Decision-Making Structure

The Genesee County Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) guides the implementation of the entire Phase II Program. Many communities in Genesee County are members of the SWAC, including those that are part of the NPDES Phase II Program and/or members to the Genesee County Storm Water System Service District under P.A. 342. The SWAC has three sub-committees. Each community serving on the SWAC also serves on at least one of these sub-committees. For a list of sub-committees and members click here.

Sub-committees meet regularly along with stakeholders and/or individuals with specialized knowledge to implement the Public Education Plan and the Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan (IDEP) and to oversee other NPDES Phase II Program activities. Members of SWAC also serve on the Watershed Planning Committee for the watershed in which their community is located. Work conducted by the Watershed Planning Committee is used to develop the Lower Flint, Middle Flint, and Shiawassee River Watershed Management Plans (WMPs).

NPDES Decision Making Structure


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